Sure Therm Anti Condensation Paint

Anti – Condensation Treatment

SureTherm Anti-Condensation Paint is a water based inside emulsion which will radically diminish condensation formation by using Glass Microsphere innovation. At the point when joined into a paint film glass circles act as miniature thermos-like bottles, giving a warm barrier between chilly surfaces and the hotter surrounding temperature inside a living space. As the air is protected against the colder wall surface, condensation is controlled. This in turn inhibits mould and fungal growth.

Walls painted with SureTherm ACP feel hotter to the touch as the warmth from your hand is being reflected back as opposed to being attracted to the colder surface of the wall and getting away. A similar rule can be applied to warm air from heating systems.


  • Resists thermal transfer through walls and ceilings
  • Helps to improve room temperature
  • Reduces black mould growth
  • Reduces damp odours
  • Can be painted over with paint colour of your choice


AG Damp Proofing can help you with condensation problems in your home by providing your home with the solution it needs with the application of SureTherm Anti – Condensation Paint. Contact us now for your free no obligation quote.

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